Regression Therapy

2,5 h - 250 zł

Regression therapy uses light hypnotic trance in order to uncover the source of the problem that is oftentimes deeply buried in the subconscious. Unlike many other therapeutic modalities it does not just strive to help you manage or alleviate the symptoms of the issue, it actually allows you to transform it at its root within just a few sessions. During the session I will ask you simple, open questions, first guiding you through the relevant memories and then facilitating the transformation. A usual session lasts around two hours and the therapy typically involves exploring both your current life and your past life memories. You do not have to believe in reincarnation or past lives in order to benefit from this modality. All it takes is an open mind and willingness to go into difficult emotions.

Ideal for tackling any emotional issues as well as unexplained somatic symptoms.