About Therapy

The different therapeutic methods that I use have one thing in common - all of them utilise the state of deep relaxation, also known as hypnotic trance. This state, resembling the state you reach in meditation, allows you to totally focus on your inner experience and facilitates accessing your memories and own resources, thus significantly shortening the time needed to implement the desired changes. Hypnotic trance is absolutely natural and safe, you are in control all the way through and my role is just to guide you through the process.

If you feel determined to make changes in your life, I would like to invite you to our first meeting - consultation.

During this meeting we will talk about your goals and the methods I use in my work. We will discuss the therapeutic method most suitable in your case as well as the approximate number of sessions needed for you to be able to implement the changes you desire.  You will be able to ask any questions you might have and see if I resonate with you as a therapist.

I will also give you a short hypnotherapy relaxation session so that you are able to see what hypnotic trance feels like for you.

A consultation takes about 1,5 hour. The cost is 150 PLN. To book please get in touch either by phone or by email.


Below you will find short descriptions of all the methods I might be using later in the therapy process. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with them before the consultation, as you will be able to clarify any doubts straight away.



Hypnotherapy is a highly effective way of changing negative beliefs and detrimental behaviours by addressing the subconscious.


Regression Therapy

Regression therapy uses light hypnotic trance in order to uncover the source of the problem that is often hidden in the subconscious.


Parts Therapy

Parts therapy is a hypnotherapy technique that allows you to identify the conflicting parts within you and make them come to terms with one another.