Hypnotherapy is a highly effective way of changing negative beliefs and detrimental behaviours. During the first meeting I will interview you, gathering all the needed information in order to write a personalised script for you. During the session you do not have to do or say anything. All you will do is lie down with your eyes closed and listen to my voice. This will allow you to deeply relax and turn your attention inwards. This meditative state allows us to plant a seed of change directly in your subconscious.  Often an improvement can be seen after just one session and three sessions are usually enough to clear the issue. Please bear in mind however that there are no guarantees, as everybody reacts differently and it might be the case that a different type of therapy will be needed.

Ideal for tackling phobias and any unwanted habits (e.g. nail biting), for smoking cessation, boosting self-esteem, weight management and many more.