About me

As it often happens, the impulse to become a therapist stemmed from my own struggle to break free from the past conditioning. For a long time I relied on standard talking therapy with only very limited results. For years I had a gnawing feeling that there was something to overcome, a blockage to get rid of, full potential and real freedom to embrace. When I came across regression therapy my intuition told me that was the gem I had been looking for. I was not mistaken. My training with Past Life Regression Academy UK was a magnificent adventure of my own healing as well as learning how to effectively facilitate healing for others. I have witnessed many stunning transformations in just a few sessions.

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Here I am, more and more fascinated by the way human subconscious works and passionate about helping my clients turning it from a stubborn saboteur to a gracious ally.

I strongly believe that reclaiming our true self is the best way of using our time here.

I  will be honoured if you choose me to assist you in your journey of self-discovery and growth. 

As a member of Spiritual Regression Therapists Association, I work to international standards.

I work both in the English and in the Polish language.


My profile can be found in the international directory for regression therapists:


  • Dip RTH

  • Dip Hyp